May 3-31, 2017
529 Bangs Ave ~ Asbury Park, NJ
New Art Syndicate in collaboration with
Kula Urban Farm

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529 Bangs Ave. ~ Asbury Park, NJ
New Art Syndicate in collaboration w/ Kula Urban Farm

May 3, 2017 ~ May 31, 2017
Wed-Sun: 11a-4p / Fri-Sat: 7p-10p
Opening Reception: May 6, 2017: 7p – 11p

What’s the difference between a flag and a flower? Which do you like – the thing or my suggestion of the thing? I kill a work of art the instant I finish a work of art – everyone knows that. Humanism, modernism, terrorism, 7-Eleven – they’re all the same to me. At a fancy dinner party, I take a big bite of salad & announce: “Is abstraction ever funny?” No one laughs. My drink becomes dead the moment I garnish my drink.


For the month of May, New Art Syndicate is staging its inaugural event – “Grocery” – in the storefront space at 529 Bangs Avenue, in downtown Asbury Park.

“Grocery” is comprised of a series of large-scale, commercially- fabricated hanging and fixed 2D totems, in attempt to meditate on the beliefs of growth, death, identity & consumption. The iconography of convenience stores – cigarette packs, tabloid magazines, candy – here populate edenic landscapes of flowers and the Fertile Crescent, the geography on which human beings first grew their own food.

Kula Urban Farm has contributed a fully-sustainable and dispensable hydroponic grow-tower. The produce it yields (for purchase in the space) provides a real-time, local version of literal consumerism – life becoming death – that the surrounding 2D work seeks but can only describe in suggestive terms.

N.A.S. has partnered with Kula in the pursuit of a multi- disciplinary installation, so as to engage two disparate geographies of our community – the largely gentrified, commercialized East-side and the largely working class, generational West-side – in a shared, supportive space.

N.A.S. is a non-profit art collective

N.A.S.’ mission is to (1) advocate for engaging works of art, (2) solicit intersectional conversation and (3) seek useful ways to ally with communities.

Kula Urban Farm is a social enterprise

Kula Urban Farm is located in Asbury Park. Kula sources it’s produce directly back to the city in which its grown, and is committed to the teaching and employment of the people of our neighborhood.